Förebyggande hembesök

Förebyggande hembesök erbjuds, i år, även till personer som blir 75 år.  Tidigare år riktade vi våra erbjudanden till de som fyller 80, 85, eller 90 år.

Förebyggande hembesök 2016

Preventive Housecalls

Preventive housecalls is an outreach programme in Älvsbyns municipiality since year 2010. The aim is to build necessary conditions for security and possibilities to live an independent and a good life.

Preventive housecalls is for you who is or are going to be 75,  80, 85 or 90 years old during the ongoing year and who do not regularly has help from home carers.

You´ll receive a letter with an offer of a preventive house call and it´s possible for you to have a relative by your side, if you wish. I, who will visit you are bound by professional secrecy.

During the visit we will be talking about what factors that have an impact on your health, your safety, and we will talk about your living environment and of course other issues you want to talk about. Important to talk about is the four cornerstones of health – physical activities, proper eating habits, social fellowship and activities that are meaningful to you.

You´ll get brochures with information and guidance so you know who to take contact with when you need help, advice or support. The visit will take about 1 - 2 hours. It´s free of charge and you decide if you want us to visit you.

You are welcome to call me if you have questions about preventive housecalls.

Anhörigkonsulent Cellphone; 070-889 85 02

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